League Nights

  1. Regular league play is Wednesday night.
  2. If you fail to play your league night match,
the onus is on you to make up the match prior to the next league night; otherwise you forfeit the match 3:0.

Point System

  1. Within your current level,
your ladder position is determined by your point score.
  2. After each match,
the match winner enters the score in the computer to calculate the number of points that you gain or lose, depending on the rankings prior to the match, and the game score of the match.
  3. Every point you win is a point lost by your opponent, and vice versa.
  4. Changes in point score always take effect immediately after the match is played.  Please move cards on the ladder board to reflect any changes in position.
  5. Should two players be tied in points, then ladder position is decided as follows: if the tied players just finished playing, then the match winner takes the higher ladder position; otherwise whoever previously held the higher position keeps the higher position.

Changing Levels

  1. At the end of each Round, there will be a challenge night to provide an opportunity for the top 2 players in each level to move up to the next level.
  2. To move up to a higher level, you must challenge a player in the level above and win the match.  Even if you have a higher point score than someone in the level above, you must still win a challenge match in order to move.


  1. You may issue a challenge up to 3 ladder positions higher than yourself.
  2. You may challenge as often as you like after the first week of any round. However, once you lose a challenge, then for the rest of the current round, you play challenges only if initiated by other players. Any two players may play challenges against each other only once per season.
  3. The challenge match is to be played outside of league night, at the expense of the challenger.
  4. If you are challenged, you must accept the challenge or forfeit 1 – 0. The match is to be played within 2 weeks.  There is no escaping a challenge, regardless of position changes in the interim.
  5. Both players are expected to make reasonable efforts to play the match in a timely fashion.  Disputes in this area will be subject to Rule X below.
  6. Ranking points are calculated and updated at the end of the challenge match.
  7. After a challenge match between players in different levels, the match winner takes a position in the higher level, and the loser takes a position in the lower level.
  8. You may challenge a player in the same level if you wish, assuming you are within 3 positions when you make the challenge. Losing the match will likely result in a loss of points only.
  9. A spare may be able to defend a challenge outside of a scheduled league match.  However, a spare may NOT defend on Challenge Night.  If you are unable to defend your position on Challenge Night, due to injury, you will forfeit the match by a 1 – 0 score.


  1. You may use a spare to fill in for you on league night.  A spare can lose points for you, but your point score can never go up when you use a spare.  Likewise, if your opponent uses a spare you can never lose points, but you might gain points.
  2. Advance notice is required if you are unable to make it to your league night match.  Except for extreme circumstances, a no-show will result in you forfeiting the match 3:0. The executive reserve the right to expel you from the league for two no-shows in a season.


  1. X. The president (or acting president) of the club has final say on any disputes.

Player Insurance Waiver Form