Comox Valley Squash Club

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October 12, 2022: You can now pre-register with your email address

  • When presented with the login screen, click on “Sign up for a new account”
  • You will need to confirm your email address by clicking the link that is emailed to you from
  • After signing in you will see… almost nothing! This will change as we build the ladder and add features.
  • We’ll use the number of registrations to decide how to structure the ladder.
  • There are no fees to be paid for now; we’ll worry about league dues after our numbers settle in.
  • Privacy is one of our key concerns:
    • We won’t share anyone’s contact data, even with other users. Only a select few admins will ever be able to see this information.
    • Even admins won’t be able to see your password. It can only be reset by request via your email.

October, 2022: League sign-up soon

Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for instructions once we’re ready to take registrations.

March, 2022: Drop-in now starts at 5:30pm

Mar 1, 2022: We’re taking a survey to fine-tune drop-in times. -> Click Here. <-

Feb 23, 2022: Drop-in squash has resumed! Wednesdays 5:30pm 6:15 – 9:15pm